Spruce a Mindfulness App

A conceptual app that helps individuals who struggle with disassociation disorder through  specialized grounding techniques.
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Address the gap in the market for phone applications that help individuals who deal with the dissociative symptoms due to a depersonalization disorder.

My Role

User Experience Design
User Interface Design


Prior to any designing the team and I did research on disassociation, grounding exercises,  and used some design research techniques like User Journey Maps and Concept mapping.

User Testing

Having a better understanding of the problem at hand led us to begin testing out the navigation of the entire app and other features. After each team member would conduct guided interviews with basic wireframe prototypes, we would re-group and synthesize our findings through affinity diagraming.

Remote Testing— and It's Limitations

Because of the Pandemic, we had to resort to remote user testing. Ideally we would have liked to do our initial user testing with hand drawn wireframes since it would allow us to iterate faster at this point in the design phase. Because of wireframing and testing on Figma, it pushed us to have higher-fidelity wire frames even quicker.

Branding & Illustration

One of my main roles and contributions to this project was leading the team through finding the right brand that would resonate the most with our target audience. After a branding exercise, the brand statement was developed and the aesthetic was derived from this statement.


The stylescape was a crucial component of guiding the visual language of the app. It allowed the design team to have a north star of how the final app should look like. The stylescape paired up with the UI Kit, made sure that there was a consistent look throughout the creation of content, no matter who designed it.

UI Kit

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